Model Yachting Association Great Britain

The Association is dedicated to encouraging and promoting model yachting in all its branches and is recognised as a Divisional Member of the International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA) with ISAF. The membership of the MYA comprises affiliated Clubs and their members.

IRSA Nominations

You may have received an email recently about nominations to posts within IRSA, apologies if the email was a little confusing but more information can be found on the IRSA link on the front page of the website.

IRSA is the body nominated by ISAF to look after and administer the International Radio Sailing Classes. This is made up of enthusiasts from around the globe with responsibility for various aspects of radio sailing at an international level. Their work can be varied and interesting and they give us a voice at the top table of sailing globally.

If after reading more you are interested in getting involved via a nomination for one of the posts currently up for election please contact Rob Walsh to express your interest.

Brad Gibson- 2014 Marblehead World Champion

GBR Skippers lined up at Gouda

GBR Skippers lined up at Gouda

Congratulations to Brad Gibson and Graham Bantock or their 1,2 in the 2014 Worlds.

After a hard weeks sailing it came down to the last day to decide the winner.

There are reports and comment on the Marblehead website HERE

3 New Classes affiliated at the recent MYA Council meeting

Plenty  is happening within the council at the moment, most of it the boring administration “stuff” but at the recent council meeting the application from the Footy, RG65 and Dragon Force classes to become affiliated classes within the MYA was accepted, all three class fulfill the requirements set out by the MYA and we welcome them on board.

Look out for news from them and chat within the MYA forum soon.

More things to come out of the meeting were:

  • Clarification on the MYA’s view on IRSA executive committee members and their role in the MYA, this took some time and there was robust debate but all around the table agreed that  It is not appropriate for an executive member of the MYA (with the exception of the International Officer) to hold a position with IRSA.
  • Lakeside Behaviour, the MYA Council and Race Team were in agreement that any disputes should be dealt with under rule’s 2 and 69 and clubs should be encouraged to promote the RYA Racing Charter.
  • Website- Watch this space…
  • 2015 Racing Calendar: Most of the Nationals dates are agreed and the calendar will hopefully be released to District Councillors soon for their local input.

Plenty more was discussed and the minutes will be available in the knowledge base in the next couple of weeks, keep and eye out for them HERE.

Read them thoroughly as questions will be asked later…. :)






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