Model Yachting Association Great Britain

The Association is dedicated to encouraging and promoting model yachting in all its branches and is recognised as a Divisional Member of the International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA) with ISAF. The membership of the MYA comprises affiliated Clubs and their members.

MYA Website Has Moved

We now have a fancy new website, so please take a look at:

If you have bookmarked this site please change your bookmark to direct you to the new site.

Some people are finding their computer repeatedly returns them to this page. This will be because the computers cache is “remembering” this address, to overcome this please clear the “cache” on your web browser.

Click HERE to find out how to do this.


  Robert Hobbs wrote @

keep getting directed to
cannot find for sale section
please help

  Radio Sailing News wrote @

Hi Robert,

The problem will relate to your web browser, it will have “cached” the webpage, i.e. it is going by memory rather than reading your commands. You need to go into the options section of your web browser and find history or cache and clear the cache. Most computers will do this automatically after 24/48 hrs but your settings may be different.

The For sale section is on the new site under New to the Sport


  Eric Finley wrote @


Same problem, what ever I have tried both at home and work still end up at old web site. Even tried going to the for sale pages & hit return to main site and ended up here again?
Any more ideas.
(Have deleted history & favourites but each time I end up here, thus recorded back in history again.)

Very frustrated,Eric

  steve williams wrote @

please put it back to how it was

  Chaz Jordan (LMYC) wrote @

I have tried to enter the new MYA website using recommended pages etc, but haven’t been able to achieve the desired result. What do expect us to do now?

  ukmclass wrote @

Congratulations Darin and your Team on the new website. Easy to navigate, fresh and a suitable platform for our sports promotion.
Works fine here.

  Paul wrote @

New website is much better, well done!

  Paul Crozier wrote @

Congratulation on the new web site. Very modern and slick. Well done

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